I have a wire-edm job that I need done. I need various shapes (hearts, stars, triangles, etc.) roughly 1/2" across cut from 3/4" thick 304 stainless with a reamed hole in the middle of each. I need them in batches of about 100.

The accuracy required is more than laser or waterjet can handle, and doing it on a mill would require at least a 4 axis set up with multiple operations, so as far as I can see, wire-edm is the only way to go. The tolerances required (+/- .015 in profile, +/- .002" in taper) are easy for a wire-edm to meet.

I've had a couple of batches of this product made, and I know the price I need is on the edge of profitability for a wire EDM shop. I don't feel I can raise the price on these items, so I need to limit the price I pay to $5 to $6 each. I can wait until you have some downtime, and you can use this job to fill in holes between larger projects.

Please e-mail me for a quote package with all requirements and DXFs/DWGs if you would like to quote on this job. I just want you to know up front what you are getting into.