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Thread: Broach for AR15 Mag well needed

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    Default Broach for AR15 Mag well needed

    I don't have the exact size needed yet (plans are all at the shop) so Iam inquiring about a general price for a broach. It will be about 3/4" wide x 3" long. It will have to cut four corners that have about 1/4" radius and make it nearly square, down to about a 1/32" radius. The material is 7075 ALuminum and the depth of the area to be broached is about 3". It is a through hole. I want to mount the part in a fixture on an arbor press and use the press to drive the broach through the hole. If all four corners at once would be to expensive or a problem we could do two, then flip the part, shim the broach and push it again for the other two.

    Any assistance is welcome.


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    Jim, do you have drawings for your broach? or just for the part?

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