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    Quick Quote Needed Prototype part for Race Car Suspension

    I specialize in aftermarket automotive work, please send me an email at
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    Threading 1/2" 304 stainless steel rod

    Hi, My name is Thor Gren, owner of Alacrity machine. Contact me Via email or some give me a call at 801 821 6041. And I can get you quote. I'd love to do the work for you if possible. My email is
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    copper tube pieces cutting

    Hi, i believe I have a quote you'll enjoy. Please contact me at Or post your email where I can send you the quote and delivery times. Thank you.
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    Small Job Quote Needed 6063 Aluminum tube parts

    Hi I'd like to submit a bid on this job. I will get back to you Asap.
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    Need milling fixtured for small aluminum end panels

    Fixture design is one of my specialtys. If you can send me a drawing of your enclosure over to I will get you a design and a quote Asap. I am a new guy on the block, one man operation based out of Clearfield UT. I have been a machinist as well as a tooling engineer...
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    How to get a pistol into production

    I can help you reverse engineer and bring potentially bring the weapon to life. If your interested send the brand and model number and I'll start giving you an idea of what the costs will be. Thank you