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    Request For Quote- Small, One-off, Prototype, Switch Panel

    Just one of these may cost you some decent set-up time and most likely make this non cost-efficient. But I can still quote this for you using 0.040" Black anodized Aluminum (5" x 5") . Laser Cut and Laser etched (using two different lasers). Any font you want.
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    [closed] Ideas / Proposal For Engraved Nameplates

    Oh, and as far as artwork files go. As long as it is a Vector file and true to shape and form of what you want.
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    [closed] Ideas / Proposal For Engraved Nameplates

    Yes, large sheets are anodized on one side only from sheet metal suppliers. These would have to be cut down, Possibly into the exact pieces first (with the holes cut out as well etc.) Then sent to a shop that does anodizing. After all sides are anodized, then we would place it in a plastic...
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    [closed] Ideas / Proposal For Engraved Nameplates

    Pat, In the PDF it states that this material may be anodized. This would be the way to go. Anodize the AL Black, and laser etch. We have the capability of laser etching anodized AL here. However, never on such thin material. I am going to forward your pdf and paragraph to the guy that does...
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    Small Job Quote Needed Bent Brass Rod

    It depends on if the tool manufacture regularly sales this type of Punch and Die. If it needs to be dead on accurate (within .007" or so) and it isn't a normal round. (.375" / .75" -- regularly used ) than the initial costs will be a few thousand. But, if the bend is a normal bend and the...
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    Small Job Quote Needed Bent Brass Rod

    What is this hook supposed to hold? Bending brass without gauging or cracking can be an issue. Not something we have done in the past, but I can ask my tooling people what they would recommend on my Press Brake. With the right tooling you can achieve any bend accurately. However, ordering...
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    Is this thing on?

    Thank you.
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    Awarded Quote Qty 16, laser cut 16g stainless

    Please e-mail me at . Let me know where your located as well. We have 14GA 304 in stock with #4 finish and PVC one side. This can be laser cut on our Cincinnati CL7A 4KW Fanuc Laser. Relatively Simple and fast. Last 14GA SS part I just checked was +.003 on...
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    Request For Quote- RFQ laser marking anodized aluminum, 1000 parts

    Is this job still open to quoting? We provide anodized laser engraving. We are based out of Bethel, Park Pennsylvania. If interested. Please e-mail