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    Request For Quote- Balustrade components

    Please email me Looks like something we can do, and we are located in San Diego, CA Thank you
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    Looking for new partners

    Steve, I would like an opportunity to become a supplier for your company. We are located in Southern CA, not too far out of your desired area. We specialize in turning and grinding, but are a full service machine/fab shop. Please check out our website where you can find a full equipment list and...
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    Request For Quote- 4 Brass Parts

    Model looks fine to me. I will send you a quote. Please email me at thank you Thomas
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    Request For Quote- 200 pcs SS plate

    Please send tolerances, material type and thickness, along with any other info you might have to Thank you!
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    Bent Alum Plate - 6 Proto then 1,000 pieces

    Do you still need this quoted? We could waterjet the shape, and the shop up the street from us could likely do the bends. This would be the best route for prototype especially
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    Trying to break into the Oil and Gas Industry

    One question, why do you refuse to become ISO certified?
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    Awarded Quote 2 Parts / 70 + 160 peices

    send files to me at we are based in San Diego Thank you!
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    Request For Quote- Gantry Mill 8' x 6' Workpiece

    I appreciate your reply. I will let you know if I cannot find someone decent proximity-wise. And its a 14deg angle not a 25 mentioned before, but I am sure that wouldnt affect your capability. Thank you
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    Request For Quote- 6061-T6 Bucket

    Boring Bar on a Lathe. Somebody probably makes one, but I have a large In-House made bar I have used in this application.
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    Request For Quote- 6061-T6 Bucket

    Please send more detailed drawings and all info to
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    Request For Quote- Gantry Mill 8' x 6' Workpiece

    Need a 25 Deg bevel along a section of a part that is apprx 8' x 6' and 1" thick alum. **Note 25 Deg long ways, cannot be done on my Flow 5-axis waterjet. Southern CA shops preferred. Thank you
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    Request For Quote- Aluminum 7 INCH DIA TURNED PART

    Quote on 7 inch Housing Prices included in pm sent. Lead time is 3 weeks for a 1-10pc order. Will need a full dimensional drawing, thank you. Thomas
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    Request For Quote- Alum 6061 parts

    +-.0001 on that .1248 diameter is going to be the cost on this part, +-.0002 would be a lot better on your end if you are concerned with price. Simply a suggestion. Let me know if in fact that is 100% what you want and I will provide your quote. Thank you!
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    1.125 weld washer

    Quote $310 for the lot. Lead time 1 week. You pay shipping. Thank you, Thomas