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    Welding Quality Control

    Hello all, I'll be applying for building inspection within few years. Until then I was thinking of taking few courses on welding quality control in the mean time. Can you please guide me. I have 1-year experience in arc welding. I live in Canada. Can you suggest where I could take up the...
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    Please help me

    Mold normally grows in damp areas. In order to stop the growth, you should remove all the moisture. To remove mold from the furniture, pour a little of denatured alcohol on the furniture and rub down the wooden surface. Once the alcohol is dry, spray with disinfectant.
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    mold removal from leather

    Mold can cause various health effects. Some people will be very much sensitive to molds and it can cause coughing and wheezing, eye irritation, skin irritation, nasal stuffiness etc. You can get rid of mold by combing equal parts of rubbing alcohol or white vinegar and water. Rub the upholstery...