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    Flange Milling

    I need 4 pcs of this. Drawing is below. Material is 1045 BMS
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    Cnc Milling & Lathe Steel

    I would need prices for 1pcs, 10pcs, 20pcs Repeating orders of maximum 20pcs. Shipping to Belgium is required. Material: AISI 1020 Steel If any questions, just ask.
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    Request For Quote- Cnc Milling Steel.

    I need only 1 pcs for this one, just a project for my own. In the future i would need similar parts. I would need a quote for this 1 part + shipping to Belgium. Material : SAE 1020 mild steel PDF file below Best regards, Frederik
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    Request For Quote- Threaded Bungs

    Hello, Turning parts in mild steel, include material and shipping to Belgium. The M12 thread would be 20mm depth. Quote for 2, 10, 20pcs This is for a project i'm working on, in the future larger quantities could be needed with a maximum of 50pcs. Still got other turning & milling quotes...
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    Threading 1/2" 304 stainless steel rod

    Hello, For a prototype i'm working on I would need 304 stainless steel rod 1/2" diameter with a lenght of 11" threaded with 1/2" - 20 unf thread on both ends, on one end for a lenght of a 1/2" the other end for a lenght of 1 1/2", I would need 10 of them to start, but when everything is up and...