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  1. lionstail

    Request For Quote- Dichroic Glass Knobs, Laser Etched

    I would like to make dichroic glass knobs with various patterns on them. The glass comes with a coating that can be laser etched away, leaving an image. We would provide the images via vector files. We would also need a backing fused onto the knobs. We would provide the backing, but I need a...
  2. lionstail

    Request For Quote- 3D printing cabinet knobs and tapping them for screws

    I ran a design contest recently for 3D printed designs for cabinet knobs. I have a few designs, but my problem is that the 3D printing technology doesn't allow for printing screw threads yet, it's not precise enough. Shapeways won't do work like this, so I'm looking for a 3D printer who will not...
  3. lionstail

    Request For Quote- Custom Cabinet Knobs, laser etched, and other custom work

    I sell cabinet knobs through my website I want to create the ability to do 1) custom orders for customers, and 2) small runs of knobs around various current events. Both of these require me to get designs made quickly. It struck me that the best method might be to have a...
  4. lionstail

    Request For Quote- Seeking Cabinet Hardware Manufacturers, variety of materials, capable of small orders

    I've been selling cabinet hardware for over a decade, retailing the knobs and pulls from some of the largest manufacturers in the country. I want to start selling my own line of knobs as well, but my lines will be very different. I'm not interested in selling the same old generic pulls. I want...
  5. lionstail

    Looking for Do it All Machinist for internet video series and cabinet knob creation

    I'm rebranding my website from just a retail cabinet hardware site to a site that can fill the wildest custom orders of our clients. Our new tagline is "Cabinet Knobs as Unique as You Are," and we give customers the option of custom designing the knobs they want. They can...