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  1. gpcinc

    316 Stainless- 1000 Pcs

    I wave a 1000 pc, large diameter (1.125 round) turn/mill job that my customer needs. I will supply 1.125 round 316 - please leave email if you would like a shot at quoting No shops from overseas Thanks
  2. gpcinc

    Two Small Jobs - 300 Pcs Total - Need Quick Turnaround

    I am looked to source two jobs that I cannot fit in schedule. Please send email address today to receive PDF prints. - nothing difficult - I cannot fit in schedule Thanks Rich
  3. gpcinc

    1” Hex 1018 And 1.250 Round 4140

    I have two fairly simple parts with some tight OD tolerances I need quoted ASAP. First job is 1” hex 1018 or 12L14 - need 40 pcs - please let me know if you can quote the stamp or etch or if you are quoting less that operation. Second job is a 4140 job with 1.125 or 1.250 start OD - need price...
  4. gpcinc

    Posting Pricing In Public

    Seems like there are people not following the posted rules on here.....are you going to be booting them for posting pricing in public threads? Seems like there are only a few who keep breaking the rules but nothing seems to be done about it!!
  5. gpcinc

    Posting Pricing In Public

    I thought posters who leave pricing in public threads were going to be booted off?? Seems like this is mostly from foreign shops but this is not fair to those of us that are obiding by the rules. What's the deal administrator??????
  6. gpcinc

    Large Quantity -job Closed

    Please post an email so I can forward a PDF print - I do not have time on my lathes to look at this - customer needs parts ASAP. 10000 and 15000 pc quote - please post an email address
  7. gpcinc

    Large Diameter turning - HOT

    Here are two PDF prints with quantity handwritten on the print - American Shops ONLY - the delrin rotor seal is extremely hot - needs parts within 3 weeks - please send quotes to my email on here for both - I do not have step files available for these two- Need pricing and delivery quote by 9 am...
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  9. gpcinc

    8620 1 pcs - prototype with broached Keyway

    Anyone interested in 1 pc prototype with 2-3 weeks - 8620 material with broached key way - quoted less HT - please email me with your email Thanks
  10. gpcinc

    Small diameter 17-4 turning - 20 pcs quick turn around needed - 6-7 different parts

    I have a request for quote for 7 different parts - 20 pcs lots, most from 17-4, a few 316 ss - small diameter lathe work ...please send me a private message with your email and I will forward quote package. All 7 jobs need 2 weeks turnaround. Need quotes by noon on Monday
  11. gpcinc

    Request For Quote- Haas VF-2 1994 mill in amazing condition with HA-5C indexer

    1994 Haas VF-2 Mill with chip auger and coolant tray - Machine has only ran aluminum since purchased - in amazing shape - Comes with Haas HA-5c indexer that is also in mint condition. You will not be disappointed with this purchase - under power in upstate NY. - please email...
  12. gpcinc

    Request For Quote- 17-4 shaft

    please provide price and delivery on 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 pcs - please include material in quote - FAI report will be required with 3 pcs sample prior to production. material certification is required and ONLY U.S.A. MANUFACTURERS PLEASE!!! I do not have CAD files for this item but a...
  13. gpcinc

    Request For Quote- 2" and 3" acrylic tube - threaded 100 pcs of each - I will supply material

    I have two sizes I need to have quoted ASAP. I am swamped and do not have time to get on these as fast as my customer needs them. Please email me at for prints.
  14. gpcinc

    ground 347 round bar .2465-.2475

    I have many bars of ground 347 SS - tally material excellent machining stainless steel. - have no use for this material so price is very negotiable. If you have any interest, please email ground tolerance .2465-.2475 grind cert and material cert available...
  15. gpcinc

    Gentner Precision Components

    CNC Precision Turning and Milling Swiss Type Precision Automatic Screw Machining Short Run and Prototype Machining Contract Assembly Micro-Deburring We have a wide range of CNC Swiss screw machine capabilities, from short runs (1-1000 parts) to long runs (10,000+) and everything in...