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    Coolant Spacer

    Hi BentoBox, I PM'ed you with pricing. I would be happy to get this into production for you. Thank you for the opportunity! Kim Crawford | 331-223-4378 |
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    CLOSED - Parts needed for brass prototype

    Hi Josh, Just send you a message. I'm looking to get your email so I can send over the quote I have prepared for you. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you, Kim Crawford | 331-223-4378 |
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    BMX BRAKE MOUNT - 3 sets

    Email and quote sent via email from Thank you for the opportunity to quote this for you!
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    PartsBadger - Custom Parts Made Simple

    Hello all, My name is Steve Kotlowski and I am co-owner of PartsBadger. PartsBadger is a custom prototype and machining company based in Milwaukee, WI. We specialize in single piece or small batch orders, but are more than capable of handling full production needs for any project. One of the...