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    Small 6061 prototype (2x pieces) needed

    As this is a older RFQ I have sent a PM to provide you our Quote. Chris Whaley Sales, LC MotorSports 11 E River Dr Phoenix, NY 13135 315-409-3500
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    RFQ aluminum end caps

    We are a family company that takes pride in providing the Manufacturing / Motorsports Industries with quality products and services. Every effort is made to supply you with the products & services that help you achieve your goals. I have sent you a PM with our pricing. Please keep in mind that...
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    Quick Quote Needed Prototype part for Race Car Suspension

    We Here at LC Motorsports are a Motorsports Design, Manufacturing and Resale Company. Over the years we have provided service to Lola, Panoz, Hass, Performance friction and many others. It would be our pleasure to review your needs and provide our services. The key to Motorsports work...
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    Thermo forming tooling design

    We would be happy to review your Tooling design needs and provide our experience to assist you in reaching your goals. Regards, Chris Whaley
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    Small Job Quote Needed Need one set of gun grips scanned and produced in aluminum

    Steve, We produce prototype work for many small manufacturing companies and do custom gunsmith jobs as well. We have already completed a similar project for a customer in African Mahogany. I have PM'd you our contact info. Cheers, Chris
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    Prototype Needed 6061 Aluminum Part, 1 Pc Only

    Are you still looking to source this part? We are a motorsports manufacturer with clients like Lola, Panoz and small motorcycle builders. Email us and we can beat anyone's pricing.
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    Small Job Quote Needed 7075 simple rotor hats 2 required CNC

    Did you find a source for these hats? We are a Motorsports company and specialize in this work. If you are still in need please email us and we can hook you up. Cheers, Chris
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    Rfq 6061

    Quote Sent to your email. We are in the Northeast as well
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    Request For Quote- Need prototype and production of milled parts

    John, Are you still looking to place this Job? Chris
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    Quick Quote Needed CNC copper parts, 3 sets for now

    Andy, Did you place this job? Regards, Chris
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    Request For Quote- Dust collector for Taig

    We could cast these from a Rubber mold. Any interest?
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    Convert 2D ACAD to Solidworks model and maybe run FMEA?

    We can provide you modeling, assembly and FMEA services complete.
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    Request For Quote- 2 Small parts (150pcs total)

    Jenna, If you are still looking to place these parts or others like it we are in Central NY and can provide you low cost parts with quick turn around. Please contact us at: Merlin Manufacturing USA Inc. 315-409-3500 Best Regards, Chris Whaley
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    Request For Quote- 2 parts needed 50-500 each

    Kevin, It would be our pleasure to provide you pricing and machining for these components. I will send you a PM Chris