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    Request For Quote- Request For Quote

    We will send you a quote in a day or two if you have any questions please feel free to contact me at
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    Sheet Metal Cutting Required

    how many would you like a quote on? Please advise.
  3. charleslaube

    Request For Quote- Closed- Simple Machined Dom Bushings - Qty 2000+ Per Order

    please send us the drawings for a quote. in the meantime we will start working on the machined bushing you have posted We would love the opportunity to show you our prices and service. Charles Rosalez Laube Technology
  4. charleslaube

    316 Stainless- 1000 Pcs
  5. charleslaube

    Request For Quote- Rfq - 300 Each Small Shafts. Turned, Ground, Grinded please send all info for this RFQ we provide blanket for 18 months
  6. charleslaube

    Milling Work

    If this is still avl please send prints to
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    Production Aerospace Facility With Extra Capacity. 5axis, Millturn, Waterjet, Extrusion Mill

    Please email me i would like to know more about your company to see if there is any interest. Thank you, Charles Rosalez Business Development Account Manager Laube Technology 550 Via Alondra Camarillo, CA 93012 Phone: 805 388-1050 ext. 121 Toll free: 888 355-2823...
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    Small Delrin Parts Quote

    Please send all info for the part to I can have quote for you this afternoon or first thing in the morning. Thank you, Charles Rosalez