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    Response To Small Threaded Shafts Listed Below

    We submitted an RFQ for the shafts in the below post that is now locked. We have sent out emails to respondents. You may wish to check your spam folders or otherwise respond via email to the RFQ. If you did not reply previously, feel free to contact via PM with an email to quote these.
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    Request For Quote- Rfq - 300 Each Small Shafts. Turned, Ground, Grinded

    Looking for smaller shops to quote some outsource work for us. Please send email address via PM. Shafts approx .400x4", threaded on one end, typically carburized, then grinded to size. We typically do a blanket annual contract with 100 each deliveries. The work is commonly done on a swiss...
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    Production Aerospace Facility With Extra Capacity. 5axis, Millturn, Waterjet, Extrusion Mill

    Know it is a long shot in this pool, but we are a medium sized aerospace facility specializing in Ti, Ni SS, plastics, as well as Aluminums. 4-5 axis horizontal and vertical milling, 5axis millturning, specialty long part extrusion mill, waterjetting, etc. CMM and video inspection equipment...
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    RFQ for production turned Aluminum gears. Allocation for 300/yr

    We have a gear that we currently manufacture and would like to outsource. We currently use approx 300/yr in our assembles. Part is a bit over 2.0" diam, x .900 long, approx .375" thru bore diam, and a Metric Module helical gear cut. 6061-T6 material. Nothing too difficult about it but there is...