1. A

    All Products Fabricator

    Our company is Called All Products Fabricator. We are a small shop specializing in Production Machining and welding/Fabrication, located in Madison, Ohio. No quantity is to large or to small. Our capabilities are: -Sawing -Grinding -Turning -Milling -Drilling -welding -Small...
  2. J

    Quick Quote Needed Small Aluminum Prototype Needed - (2) 5 Part Assemblies

    I am looking for someone to produce 2 prototypes that match the following prints. Some of the tolerances are pretty tight but can be adjusted as needed based on machining capabilities. I am looking for someone who can turn this around in about 1 week. The prints call for black anodized but I can...
  3. T

    CNC Precision Machining - Quality Affordable Milling - The-Kamikaze

    CNC Precision Machining - Quality Affordable CNC Milling, Made in USA. The-Kamikaze California, USA info@the-kamikaze (951) 345-4041
  4. D

    Turning and Milling services in Texas

    Weimar Machine Works Inc. is a manual machine shop located in Weimar, TX. We have dependable turning machinery capable of up to 30 inch swing. We offer machining of castings and a wide variety of materials. We can turn parts up to 26" OD and 48" Long. Weimar Machine Works is dedicated to...
  5. DEATEng

    DEAT Engineering Group Co., LTD

    DEAT Engineering Group, established in 2005, is a manufacturing business located in Chonburi province, Thailand. We are able to offer CNC machining center and lathe services to meet our customer’s requirement. We are capable at producing high precision products, both made to order and mass...
  6. J

    Time Machine Inc in Polk, PA / Western PA Area

    Time Machine is a contract manufacturer located in Western Pennsylvania about halfway between Pittsburgh and Erie. Time Machine has 30 CNC machine tools in total with some very large capabilities along with welding and assembly capabilities. We offer tremendous expertise to machine very...
  7. B

    JK Machine & Tool, San Diego CA

    JK Machine & Tool is a small but fully capable family owned machine shop in business since 1999. We're looking to provide you with the best quality work at the lowest possible price. We have three 3-axis CNC mills and access to 2 lathes. Please allow us to give you a quote and hopefully win...
  8. F

    Request For Quote- Looking for jobs to work on

    Hi, my names Jonathan and I have a family owned shop in Anaheim, CA. We have 2 haas VF-2 and 2 haas TM-1. Also have 1 Arburg injection molding machine. If you have an idea or work you need to be fulfilled please let us know if we can help. email - cell- 714-369-9665...
  9. C

    Awarded Quote My CNC machine :)

    Old machine test :
  10. W

    Wire Works EDM - Medical, Dental & optical Devices

    Machine Shop – Wire Edm & CNC MILL Please read our Machine Shop services below, Wire EDM services can be another avenue your company can benefit from to increased sales. WIRE WORKS EDM is a High Tolerances Tool & Die Manufacturing Machine Shop. Located in Santa Ana Ca. with 25 years of...
  11. L

    Logan Machine Company Akron Ohio

    Founded in 1958, Logan Machine has been generating quality machines and products for a wide variety of industries for generations. We consistently provide our customers with the products they need to succeed. From simple stampings to complex tire building machines, Logan is the source. Housed...
  12. C

    General precision machining

    LeRe Technology Inc. is one of the leading CNC machining and mechanical service companies in the United States with specialist in the following areas: · Master manufacturer of some of the highest quality products in the world · The firm offers cost effective manufacturing...
  13. C

    Canak Industries - custom machining

    Edmonton based Canak Industry has been in the trailer parts manufacturing and custom machining industry since 1975. Over those 40 years we have been able to improve our products for long lasting durability and top quality at competitive pricing. Our machining services have proven to be top...
  14. T

    Request For Quote- Multiple parts to quote

    I can't seem to upload the .pdf's. Email me, so I can forward them to you. Multiple parts to be made. Materials include: Steel 4140, 303 SS, Class 2 copper, Steel 1018, Delrin, 14ga 316 SS, (Steel A354, 4140, or equiv.), (Hardened steel 1566, RC60, or equiv.). Regards, Thor McFarlane...
  15. M

    Positive experience with Gentner Precision Components

    Rich (forum user gpcinc) was great to work with. I had some parts that required turning and some second op milling and they turned out fantastic. Even better then the few I ran myself. The finish quality was spot on, dimensions were spot on and consistent from the 1st part to the 150th...
  16. P

    Request For Quote- Permian CNC Machine

    Hello, My Name is Mathew Stuart. I am With Permian CNC Machine, here in Odessa, Tx. We Are looking to expand and establish new relationships with customers all around the nation. In doing so we realize we must continue to improve the high expectation our existing customers hold us too. For...
  17. K

    Cherryland Precision Machining

    Cherryland Precision Machining is located in Northwest Lower Michigan. We provide high quality CNC machining services with a commitment to on time delivery and competitive pricing. Contact us to see how we can help. Email your RFQ to Veteran...
  18. G

    Small Job Quote Needed Small Aluminum Clamps

    Please see attached prints for the two parts I need.Quantity is 4 of each part. 3D CAD files will be provided to winning bidder. P Clamp is intended to be two parts yet machined as one. It is to be sawwed through the notch between the two smaller holes. The of the diameter of the notches are...
  19. s_schmall

    Mead Machining - Orange County, CA CNC Machine Shop

    Mead Machining LLC CNC machining shop in Southern California that has recently moved to a new location. Our added space has allowed us to purchase a second turning center and our first CNC mill. We can assist you in various machining operations and have experience working with many...
  20. R

    Request For Quote- Qty 2,000 small aluminum clamp

    Hello, This RFQ is for a small aluminum clamp body, about 45 x 69 x 12.7mm (1/2" plate), made of 6061-T6. The plate would require 2D milling or perhaps waterjet/laser to cut out the profile, and then requires three tapped holes on two sides of the plate. It needs to be anodized. Initial...