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    Request For Quote- 1" diameter Threaded Al. Tubes (Varying Lengths) and Retaining Rings (275 pcs Total)

    Existing product line. Target prices listed. NO LASER ENGRAVING as spec'd in the drawings If anodizing is a significant price driver please quote the parts Tumbled, but not anodized. I can get the plating done myself. RTR101-001 150pcs 1.80 LNT103-001 25pcs 4.90...
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    Request For Quote- 1/2" Diameter SS Posts, Varying Sizes (.75" - 12")

    Total of 550 pieces I will prioritize some sizes- but I will place PO for all 550 pieces. I have attached 5 of the 6 drawings. I will require 100 x PST008-001 100 x PST010-001 100 x PST020-001 100 x PST030-001 100 x PST040-001 50 x PST120-001 (I could not attach...