1. A

    All Products Fabricator

    Our company is Called All Products Fabricator. We are a small shop specializing in Production Machining and welding/Fabrication, located in Madison, Ohio. No quantity is to large or to small. Our capabilities are: -Sawing -Grinding -Turning -Milling -Drilling -welding -Small...
  2. C

    CN Machine Shop limited

    http://www.cnmachineshop.com/ Email: info@hzmory.com info@cnmachineshop.com CN machine shop limited focus on CNC machining services, welding, Fabrication, and Assembly. For complex or difficult to machine components that need very close tolerance machining. Inclusive of...
  3. J

    Quick Quote Needed Small Aluminum Prototype Needed - (2) 5 Part Assemblies

    I am looking for someone to produce 2 prototypes that match the following prints. Some of the tolerances are pretty tight but can be adjusted as needed based on machining capabilities. I am looking for someone who can turn this around in about 1 week. The prints call for black anodized but I can...
  4. D

    Turning and Milling services in Texas

    Weimar Machine Works Inc. is a manual machine shop located in Weimar, TX. We have dependable turning machinery capable of up to 30 inch swing. We offer machining of castings and a wide variety of materials. We can turn parts up to 26" OD and 48" Long. Weimar Machine Works is dedicated to...
  5. G

    Small Job Quote Needed Lathe Work - qty 4 - Simple .625" OD Parts

    See attached prints: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xmdplkim3i9dy2h/Endsv2.pdf?dl=0
  6. J

    Time Machine Inc in Polk, PA / Western PA Area

    Time Machine is a contract manufacturer located in Western Pennsylvania about halfway between Pittsburgh and Erie. Time Machine has 30 CNC machine tools in total with some very large capabilities along with welding and assembly capabilities. We offer tremendous expertise to machine very...
  7. A

    US Component Manufacturer in Cincinnati, OH

    ABE TEC Manufacturing web: www.abetecmanufacturing.com RFQ contact: Merv Humphries email: merv1h@aol.com phone: 513-724-6000 ABE TEC Manufacturing is a family owned and operated manufacturing facility located just outside Cincinnati, Ohio. We specialize in machining, turning and...
  8. DEATEng

    CNC Precision Parts Manufacturer

    CNC Precision Parts manufactured to customers requirements , for all industries, worldwide. We provide a wide range of CNC machining and CNC turning services, such as: Precision Machining Services for* Mass Production, Bespoke and Prototype Parts. Design, Production and Maintenance of...
  9. I

    Quick Quote Needed Quote Needed for Aluminum Turned Pieces

    Hello, We are looking to get 3 aluminum pieces turned: INCH_CONFIDENTIAL_0527_InnerTube INCH_CONFIDENTIAL_0527_OuterTube INCH_CONFIDENTIAL_0527_FrontCap I have also attached drawings of these pieces because we will need them threaded in 4 sections (2 places on the outer tube, 1 place...
  10. B

    Request For Quote- small parts qty 50 - 100

    need approximately 300 pcs yearly. preferred material will be provided - Hastelloy C276 alternative material SS 316
  11. C

    Canak Industries - custom machining

    Edmonton based Canak Industry has been in the trailer parts manufacturing and custom machining industry since 1975. Over those 40 years we have been able to improve our products for long lasting durability and top quality at competitive pricing. Our machining services have proven to be top...
  12. M

    Positive experience with Gentner Precision Components

    Rich (forum user gpcinc) was great to work with. I had some parts that required turning and some second op milling and they turned out fantastic. Even better then the few I ran myself. The finish quality was spot on, dimensions were spot on and consistent from the 1st part to the 150th...
  13. P

    Request For Quote- Permian CNC Machine

    Hello, My Name is Mathew Stuart. I am With Permian CNC Machine, here in Odessa, Tx. We Are looking to expand and establish new relationships with customers all around the nation. In doing so we realize we must continue to improve the high expectation our existing customers hold us too. For...
  14. T

    Request For Quote- qty 150-600 6061-T6 CNC Turned Parts

    Hello, We are a small business making products for the Motorsports industry. We do regular small production batches of milled parts. We are looking for a CNC turning partner to handle our turned parts. Some parts will need to be done using a lathe with live tooling for best cost effectiveness...
  15. G

    Prototype Needed Quick/Simple Steel Turned part Needed.

    Hi, I have a simple part that I need turned out of weldable mild steel. Can also substitute 4130 if available. Also, please quote 304SS as well. Quantity needed: 2 Please see drawing and let me know if any questions. Thank You
  16. J

    Request For Quote- 1/2" Diameter SS Posts, Varying Sizes (.75" - 12")

    Total of 550 pieces I will prioritize some sizes- but I will place PO for all 550 pieces. I have attached 5 of the 6 drawings. I will require 100 x PST008-001 100 x PST010-001 100 x PST020-001 100 x PST030-001 100 x PST040-001 50 x PST120-001 (I could not attach...
  17. s_schmall

    Mead Machining - Orange County, CA CNC Machine Shop

    Mead Machining LLC CNC machining shop in Southern California that has recently moved to a new location. Our added space has allowed us to purchase a second turning center and our first CNC mill. We can assist you in various machining operations and have experience working with many...
  18. E

    Need a few small batch parts

    please quote the following through PM or EMAIL ME DIRECTLY AT chrischadb@gmail.com i will only award as 1 whole job, no parting out. 20000-001 50 pcs copper 50 pcs naval brass 50 pcs 303 stainless 200 pcs acrylic 20000-004 50 pcs stainless 20000-005 50 pcs stainless please...
  19. K

    Parts for Machines is a full service milling, grinding, turning, and assembly co.

    We are located in the heart of the Midwest and can accommodate any of your manufacturing needs. We have 4 axis turning and milling on both CNC lathes and CNC Horizontal machining centers. We run 24 hours a day to meet tight deadlines and part quantities from ten to one hundred thousand. Shipping...
  20. 3

    Cnc machine shop mill work

    3D Concepts is a full service cnc machine shop. Los Angeles area. large parts capacity billd@3dc-cnc.com