1022 3/16" round rod....

Discussion in 'Steel' started by Possum, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Possum

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    I need a small quantity of 1022 steel round rod 3/16" diameter, 6 foot lengths ok, ten pieces. Any ideas? Not having any luck in web searches....Thanks.
  2. Possum

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    Cold drawn, not hot.....
  3. 1018 or 1020 would be usual grades of CRS
  4. Possum

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    Nope, need 1022....
  5. millman52

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    May I ask what you are using the 1022 for? Or what special properties it has thay you are needing for your job at hand.

    I'm not in any way being negative here just trying to learn something.

    According to Machinerys handbook the only difference between 1020 & 1022 is the content of manganese 1022 having apx 1/2% more.
  6. gollumcaprio

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    1018 and 1020 are official grades of CRS which are used in production engineering technology.

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