2 1/4" 1045 CRR Drops

Discussion in 'Scraps' started by millman52, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. millman52

    New Member
    Have apx 3000# of 2 1/4" 1045 CRR drops. Most are in the 30" long range.
    Asking 1/2 current price.
  2. snovak240

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    Can you estimate shipping cost to 04412 Brewer Maine Thanks
  3. millman52

    New Member
    I ran an estimate with freightquote.com for 3 crates 1000# each, all shipped at same time $450.00. If interested I'll try to pin down for you just how much of the 2 1/4" I do have, The average lengths of the pieces etc. Send you pictures so you can be sure of condition etc.

    They should be 27-30" pieces, a few longer but may not fit in crates for shipping without being cut an additional time.

    My current cost on this material is .99# I will sell for .45#

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