3/8" & 1/2" X 12" dia. A36 plate drops.

Discussion in 'Scraps' started by millman52, Apr 29, 2009.

  1. millman52

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    Have many apx. 12" dia. a 36 plate drops. Anyone interested please make offer.
  2. Ken_Hughey

    First Index Sourcing
    Ken Hughey, Sourcing Advisor

    Greetings, Millman,

    Please e-mail the prints to me and I will post them at our Website at www.firstindex.com. You can post them, too, if you wish. We have a no-cost parts sourcing platform where our buyers bid on your projects. Just send them to me, Ken Hughey, at kenh@firstindex.com. I will post them today, Monday, May 4. Thank you.

    Ken Hughey
    First Index
    Sourcing Advisor
  3. Maybe you should read the guys post a little better. He is SELLING raw material remnants.

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