Request For Quote- 3D printed end-caps

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I'd like a quote for 500 of these small end caps, 3d printed in black (of course). :D


I have an .stl file for this and will require receiving a few samples in order to select which shop gets the job.


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we are a small but efficient and quality conscience Fab Lab located in Bangalore, India

we have

1. 4 axis CNC router - 2 x 1.5 ft
2. 3 axis CNC router - 6 x 4 ft
3. 3D printer - 4 machines at our disposal - pla, abs, polycarbonate, nylon, and metals soon
4. CNC Lathe
5. Foam cutter
6. Composite Fabrication - Carbon fiber sheets and custom molded parts

we can make samples and figure out costs ... do send us the stl file to

we very quality conscience with quick turnarounds and very very reasonably priced.

do let us know

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