Request For Quote- 3D printing cabinet knobs and tapping them for screws


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I ran a design contest recently for 3D printed designs for cabinet knobs. I have a few designs, but my problem is that the 3D printing technology doesn't allow for printing screw threads yet, it's not precise enough. Shapeways won't do work like this, so I'm looking for a 3D printer who will not only print knobs, but will them tap them so that they can handle screws.


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I know that some 3D printers allow pausing of the print, so that you can place something, like in your case a captured nut. Then you can do the rest of the print around the but and install as if it were a typical knob. Hopefully this helps.


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We do not offer 3D metal printing, but you could print them via Shapeways (or some other place) and then contract with another shop (like us) to tap the screws (the holes for tapping can be made in the 3D metal print). You may want to look into Harvest Technologies in Temple, TX - they do metal 3D printing in small to large quantities and have 5-axis machining capabilities.
Alternatively, you can just 3D print a properly sized hole and use self-tapping machine screws?