50 Aluminium Parts

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  1. I need 50 parts made from 6061 aluminium. I will need them 2 weeks after the job is awarded. I can provide dxf formatted cad file plus a 3d solid model in dxf or dwg. I have attatched a pdf print for quoting purposes only.

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  2. Email sent.
  3. mort

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    Can you provide step format? Email sent.
  4. Jeffk

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    Hello, I have not received a response back from you yet. Are you still wanting this done? PM me or email me at info@kprecisionllc.com
  5. Is this job still available to bib on? Thanks
  6. prasanna svss

    prasanna svss
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    I have attached my best quote, please let us know for further discussion.


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  7. This job is still open for bid. My email is on the pdf. I will supply a dwg/dxf file to the person I award the job to.

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