Adapter plate

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Please quote attached plates.
Quantity 800.
Note: European drawing with dimensions in mm!

Thank you.


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is this the material Optically Clear Cast Acrylic, 5/16" Thick. It measures .313 not .315 or 8mm like your are requesting.
adaptor plate

uploaded corrected material specs

Dear sir ,
we can develop and supply you these adapter plate and my price for your complete order will be $260.00 . part payment of $100 will be required in advance in my paypal account and then I will develop mold and take out sample out of it and will send you one piece for your validation if you find it ok ,you will advice me go ahead in the project and after completing the production I will let you know and show you the proof of production and you pay rest of money and I will send you parts .parts and sample shipment charges are to be paid by you. Please let me know your feedback on my proposal .

thanking you,

Shailesh Sheorey
mobile no. 919765946860


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Hello my name is Jason. I am Marketing & Sales Director of A-TOP Technology Co., Limited. Our website is We can quote this job after reviewing your drawings. We have over 16 years' experience in this industry. Please send your contact info to my email and I will send quote. Thanks

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