Advice needed from experienced fiberglass mold maker

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    Hi guys!

    Experienced fiberglass mold maker advice needed.

    I’m going to make my first mold, so any advice would be appreciated. Plug is buffed to class “A”. Top part of the plug (funnel) can be detached after mold cured, so self-locking is not an issue. Mold is to be used to cast concrete and other heavy materials, so it got to be heavy duty. Dimensions: biggest diameter (buttom)) is 3 feet, height is 1.5 feet. Mold is going to be ½ inch thick and made of tooling gel coat followed by 11 layers of laminate. Laminating to be done with 1 ½ oz fiberglass chopped strand mat. Picture shows only one out of two parts of the mold (female). I didn’t show the other part witch is kind of flat lid on the buttom.

    I guess that rounded surface is a bit challenging…. How would you lay fiberglass chopped strand mat over this type of surface? How would you start laminating? What shape of mat would you precut in order to make successful lamination?

    Any thoughts/precautions?

    Thank you,


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