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  1. I need to find aluminum channel that is 1.5" x 3" x 1.5" x .25". I need the inside corners to be 90 degrees. I tried purchasing some from an online supplier but when I got them I soon found out it would not work for my application because the inside of the channel was not square. Feel free to email me:
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  2. Believe what you require is called architectural channel, with an inside radius is called structural. Doesn't help you find it but may narrow down the search.


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    Hello, can the material that you bought be machined to your needs? Can the inside radius be removed? If so any local shop would be able to do this in short order I would think. I do have material on hand to machine what you need, If you would like me to give you a quote let me know.
  4. You are looking for 6063 aluminum aritechural. The 6061 comes with the radius 6063 is sharp inside corners.
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    The brand i use is porter cable. Comes in a stick about 6 inches long by 1.25 inches in diameter. Also use it for screws on occasion. I'll dig it out of the trailer. Certainly not right on top. I bought john's plans too and made my own sojourn machine. *Edited here by Kong* I revised my tray design to use bearings instead of square hunks of plastic. I realize this is a super old post. Do you have any photos of using bearings on window channel.
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    Believe what you are looking for is "Aluminum Sharp Corner" channel. Aluminum Structural channel has large radii in the inside corners and radii on the flange (legs). Aluminum Association channel has radii in the inside corners, but no radii on the legs. Aluminum Sharp Corner has no radii at all. You may want to try a distributor such as Yarde Metals.

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