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Discussion in 'Milling Work' started by tomweis, Apr 30, 2012.

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  1. tomweis

    New Member
    This request is for USA companies only please.

    I am a photographer who has developed a prototype camera mount, and I am looking for production quotes.

    Material: aluminum 6061 bar.
    Material is not provided.
    Quantity: please quote for 100, 250, 500
    Time frame for delivery: 4 weeks from when production begins.
    RFQ ends 5/29/12
    Tolerance: +/- .002"
    Include the cost of a first article test in your bid (to be shipped for inspection).
    No special finishes required. Smooth, buffed, bare aluminum is OK. Please let me know what my options are in this regard.

    Include a link to your website with samples of your work.
    Please indicate how long the quote is good for.
    My location is Queens, NY 11375.

    I have CAD files in .igs, .sat, & .tsp formats, but it seems that none of those are allowed here as attachments. There are two parts to this camera mount so there are two drawings. I can email them to you.

    Thank you.
  2. Briscoe

    New Member
    Interested in quoting your camera parts


    Please send part files to
    I am a small CNC shop here in Columbus Ohio. I specialize in small high-tolerance parts.

    Briscoe Machining LLC

  3. mweaver71

    New Member
    camera mount

    I would be interested in quoting your camera mount. Please send file to I have a small machine shop located in Central Pa.

    Thank You

    Matthew Weaver
    Back Country Machining
  4. Briscoe

    New Member
    Forgot to add

    Hey Tom,

    I forgot to add that I can give you pics of my sample work and references once I know where to send the email.


    Briscoe Machining LLC
  5. bmachfab

    New Member
    Please send .igs files to Jeff at for quotation. I am located in North Alabama and I have a small machine shop with CNC milling, CAD/CAM and close tolerance abilities.

    Thank you,
    Jeff Breece
    Breece Machine & Fab
  6. Please send drawing to We are a small job shop in western NY. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. jlenhart

    New Member

    I'm interested in quoting your camera mount parts. We have an in-house anodizing facility with several finishing options. Please send me a .igs file and I will get these quoted for you.

    Best regards,

  8. ostie01

    New Member
    Hi, could you send files to cubitus_61(at)

    Thanks, Jeff at ProtoDesign
  9. kerry

    New Member
    Hi, tom.
    we can meet your needs. High quality and very competitive price.
    If need, please contact me.
    regards. Kerry
  10. ethinds

    New Member
    You can send igs or solidworks files or prints to and we will be happy to quote your parts.

    Ed Heigl
  11. phillman54

    New Member
  12. CN Fab

    CN Fab
    New Member
    Can you send me the prints to quote.

    Thank you,
    David Lefay
    CN Fabrication
    Fontana, CA
  13. Hello. This is Tony from Spare Parts Manufacturing and Repair. We are a FULL service industrial and commercial machine shop that specializes in the repair of industrial equipment, as well as commercial marine equipment. We also re-design parts and or projects that keep failing and make obsolete or hard to find parts all the time. We are very good at what we do and will not loose your business over price. Let us know how and when we can help. Our phone number is 360.694.6560 and email is Talk to you soon.
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