Canak Industries - custom machining


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Edmonton based Canak Industry has been in the trailer parts manufacturing and custom machining industry since 1975. Over those 40 years we have been able to improve our products for long lasting durability and top quality at competitive pricing. Our machining services have proven to be top quality, with fast delivery times.

The standard parts that we make and keep in stock are removable king pins and sleeves, guide rollers + pins, support rollers + pins, bushings, sheaves, etc.

Beyond this we also make custom live rolls in varying sizes. Our live rolls start at 5" diameters and go up to 12" diameters. They all come with a 1 year warranty!

Canak Ind. also has 10 CNC (2 mills, 8 lathes) and numerous manual machines on which we can run custom parts on, either from supplied samples or drawings. We can do small quantities as well as large production runs. Our machines vary in size which allows us to run a large variety of parts from very small parts to large parts, up to 24-27" diameters, depending on the length of the part.

We also make custom parts that require a little bit of welding. For instance, most of our shelves that we use were built by us. We also make our own tooling and jigs. We have made cages for dipping parts. So if a miscellaneous job such as that comes along, we also have the capacity to take those on as we do have a small welding department.

Our website also lists more about our parts and services: