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Discussion in 'Manual Machine Work' started by Josh M, Sep 16, 2016.

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  1. Josh M

    Josh M
    New Member
    Hello everyone,

    I'm in need of parts for another prototype. This RFQ will be active until 9/21 and I will need these to ship by September 29th. We are hoping to go into production in November. There are 3 parts: Hook, Wall Attachment, and Cylinder

    The Hook and Wall Attachment will be made of brass with a BHMA 606 finish (satin with clear protective coating). No visible clamp marks, surface finish is important on these parts. The Cylinder will be machined from steel. There will be no finish needed for this part.

    We will need a quote for the following:
    1 Hook, 1 Wall Attachment, 2 Cylinders
    3 Hooks, 3 Wall Attachments, 6 Cylinders

    Looking forward to seeing your quote quotes!

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  2. Hello Josh

    We can make your parts for you.
    We are a cnc shop that does prototype and production work.
    Will you please send us your e-mail address.
    We have a Quote ready to send.

    Thank you
    Tim Thomas
  3. Hanz MFG

    Hanz MFG
    New Member
    Hanz Manufacturing is family owned company located in Guangzhou, China. We specialize in CNC machining and sheet metal fabrication. We are pleased to quote your project. Please email your drawings or 3d CAD files to our US sales Manager Johnson(Johnson@hanzmanufacturing.com) or call him at 352-283-5765.

    To learn more about our capability, please visit our website: www.hanzmanufacturing.com


  4. Eldinzek

    Do it right
    Hi Josh,

    I came across your request for bids on rfqwork.com. If you send me the .pdf file to my email eldinzek@aprototype.tech, I can follow up with any questions and provide an estimate as well approximate timeline for samples + final delivery.

    Looking forward to working with you,

    For phone queries, please call 1-917-957-8876 (Mon-Fri 9am-6pm)
  5. Hi There,
    We are interested to provide the quote. Is this possible to let us know your email address so that we can start the communication. We can be contacted through this email address sl.wong@prototree.com

    /SL Wong
    Sales Manager
    Proto Tree LLC
    Website: www.prototree.com
    Email: sl.wong@prototree.com
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