Domestic 6061 T6 Rems For Sale


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I have a qty of 15 - 6061 T6 1.25"x3.27"x5.47" flat bars for $5.50 each. USA made Accu-Bar from the Sapa plant.
USPS Flat rate priority shipping as many as you want "that will fit" in a whatever size box you want. I took the time to save these from a parts order that had that size thru pocket + 1.". They were cut with a roughing/finishing end mill for aluminum, they have a decent finish. Each of them have about a 1/8" thick "hat" that extends over the bottom edge about 1/8" or so. Planned on using them for other project, but fell through. Paypal and credit cards.through paypal only, PM me with what you want and email address you want invoice sent to, only ship to address on account. USA buyers only