Fraudulent Sample Customers: Tyler Skelton

Young Kang

Before starting production, we discuss the sample for the price of 250 dollars, he PAYPAL paid $75 for me, after my successful production, transportation to the United States, when he received the samples, not to pay for the rest of the tail to give me money, no reply to my email,
Name: Tyler Skelton
Add:Tyler Skelton
888 E Clinton St #2009
Phoenix, AZ 85020


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Why doesn't a company in China that wants to do business with English speakers hire someone fluid in speaking and writing English? If your company is really as big as your website claims the cost would not have much effect on your bottom line. Maybe your poor communication and quality led to you not getting paid. If that picture is of the part you shipped that metal looks like it has a lot of impurities in it. If I received a part that looked like that I would have thrown it in the scrap bin.