Full service EDM Tool room including EDM Wire, EDM Sinker, EDM Drill

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  1. Swiss Tech Precision USA specializes in the supply and manufacturing of complex components and assemblies using Fineblanking technology. For over 30 years Swiss Tech Precision has designed and built over 800 Fineblanking tools, and has run production for the Cutlery & Multi Tool, Computer, Lock, Hardware, Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Food Processing, Sporting Goods, Instruments, Electrical Relay Mfg, Chain Saw, Microwave, and many other industries. Our company also employs a wide array of secondary finishing technologies, including double disc grinding, fine-grinding, honing, Statistical analysis, and CNC machining, in order to supply components with very tight tolerances. We pride ourselves on being a Value Stream partner offering complete solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

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  2. Just a few examples of existing EDM projects completed in our Wire room

    Small EDM examples 1.jpg Small EDM examples 3.jpg

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