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LeRe Technology Inc. is one of the leading CNC machining and mechanical service companies in the United States with specialist in the following areas:

· Master manufacturer of some of the highest quality products in the world

· The firm offers cost effective manufacturing services to US customers.. How can we help you meet your Machining need?

· Representatives of one of the world's largest precision machining equipment/systems providers

· Turn your mechanical drawings into real parts

· General precision machining work

· Sheet metal forming

· Photo Etching

· Welding and other related mechanical services

· Parts replacement

Our products include: flanges and stud bolts, municipal and construction castings, railway brake blocks, machine spares, ball crushers for the cement manufacturers and quarry operators, pulleys , bakery rollers and any other foundry product as determined by the needs of the client

Some of the points that make our services different from other machining companies:

Factory directs - no distributors, etc.
Our connection to overseas factories
Provide the lowest price you can get in the market with high quality materials. And if we do not find the lower price, we will match the price with an extra 10% off no matter where the products are being shipped to.
Our products are being delivered at a competitive speed
Lere Technology carters to all machining needs, serving customers across the board, faster than you can imagine.
Low cost for low volume order
Wide range of services and materials
precision machining to cope with extreme requirement

We provide organizations/companies with high quality services at a competitive price. Do you have any machining needs we can take care of? Visit us at to learn more.

Please direct all your inquiries to for a quote

We look forward to working with you if we can provide any services.


Peter Okwudi, CmfgE
Lere Technology, Inc
Phone Number: 704-606-3073
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