Gentner Precision Components Review


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Company: Gentner Precision Components
Contact: Richard
Work Performed: CNC Milling 100 pieces of 6061-T6 Aluminum approx. 3x2.5x0.25", surface grind, 45º chamfer, and (2)1/4-28 tapped holes.

Richard over at Gentner Precision Components recently did some work for us and I'm very pleased with the quality. He responded in a very timely manner to all e-mails and was very concise and to the point.

Parts arrived yesterday, and upon inspection, were within the tolerances we provided. Surface finish on all parts were great. He was up front and honest about four of the pieces having small cosmetic defects and separated them from the rest of the batch. Upon inspection of those parts we will be able to use them. Good guy.

Customer Service: 5/5
Quality of Work: 5/5