Great machinework from Craig at True Machine CNC


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This was my first experience working with the RFQWork forums, and I have to say, it was a positive experience from beginning to end.

First of all, the forums here are an excellent resource that I'll be taking advantage of moving forward. Almost everyone who PMed me was a pleasure to communicate with, so the community as a whole is just wonderful here.

Of those who did contact me, several were polite and spoke fluent English. I'm not going to disparage the international manufacturers, as I'm sure many of them do great work, but I needed someone who could communicate clearly and understand English well. Craig stood out among the many American machinists who spoke with me as he was very clear and concise with his questions about my project.

I was a bit apprehensive about using someone half way across the United States, especially if something went wrong or a dimension was incorrect, but Craig was reassuring and sent a photo of one of the first parts once it had been machined so I could see that the part looks as it did in the CAD file.

Payment was easy, since he accepted PayPal. Shipping was hassle free and relative cheap, considering he had to send a 70 pound box of metal across the US. Turnaround time was pretty quick. I can't really give much input to this, as this is my first experience. It took less than a month from design to delivery, and he machined 100 parts for me.

All that being said, I'd definitely consider him and his company for future jobs. Thanks, Craig.


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It was a pleasure working with you as well. All of the information you supplied us was spot on and we look forward to growing a mutually beneficial relationship with you for years to come.

Thank you very much for the great feedback.

True Machine L.L.C.