Have basic prototypes-- need mold maker and blow molder

Discussion in 'Mold Making' started by silverfoxx03, Feb 26, 2011.

  1. silverfoxx03

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    I have a project that has been long going. I finally got some 3d printed prototypes, and love the result-- now the $$$$ part-- I need to see about getting some first run blow molds made to get it in the hands of prospective clients.

    I will send STL files to whomever is interested. I do NOT have IGES or any other formats presently-- just the STL and PDF files.

    contact me at eaglewoodtc@gmail.com

  2. Hello
    we are NSW Systems LLC.
    would like to look at your project you can e-mail what you have or call us toll free to discuss

    NSW Systems LLC.
  3. Hi,we are tooling factory located at Guangdong Province China, we are specialized in build plastic mould;plastic injection molding service,Prototype service,if you have any project that need a mold please feel free to contact us. my email is: kellyzhang021@gmail.com

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