Interior Concepts Corporation - Spring Lake, Michigan


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Interior Concepts Corp. is an office furniture manufacturing company in West Michigan. We take pride in designing and manufacturing furniture for fast-paced and technology driven environments, like schools, colleges, call centers, and office spaces. Our "Solutions that Fit" motto reflects our commitment to design, manufacture, install, and maximize space in your work area.
Our 200,000 square foot facility in Spring Lake, Michigan houses one of the first double-head Multicam 7000 CNC routers in Michigan. With a 5x12 table, 24 place tool changer, and twin, 16hp, water cooled motors, we have a very large output capacity. We also have a double-head Komo series VR512 CNC router. This machine is a workhorse with a 5'x12' table, and twin 16hp, air cooled motors. 90% of our CNC output is particle board or MDF with melamine or laminate face. We also cut fiberglass, acrylic, most plastics, and some aluminum.
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