Request For Quote- Large Door Panels Aluminum

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Tony E

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Material : aluminum 5052 , 5086 ,or 6061. Bar or sheet, whatever more cost effective.

Please quote with and without material cost. Parts can be broken up at seams to be pieced
together after. (Only the pieces in Images 1 and 2 are needed) Largest piece is roughly 84" x 32" X 1/2" thick. This will require large cnc mill/router. Once you see the files and can take on the project, we can discuss details. Please send me your email if you can take on the job. Ill send the files. ( Image 3 is just for reference )

Quantity : 2 of each

Eta : 4-5 weeks

TOLERANCE : +- .010

FINISH : no special finish

USA machine shops only

-Thank You


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