Laser Cutting/manufacturing In Ft Worth Tx (we Also Ship Worldwide)

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    Apex Fabworks
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    Apex Fabworks
    5216 David Strickland Rd
    Ft Worth, Tx 76119

    About Us
    Apex Fabworks is located in Ft Worth, TX. We have been family owned and operated since the beginning. Over the years we have been able to expand our expertise into custom metal fabrication utilizing the latest in laser cutting and manufacturing technology. Our current facility is over 25,000 square feet and growing. We promise to provide your company with state of the art and top quality services.

    Manufacturing Services
    • Laser Cutting
    • Welding
    • Press Brake/Forming
    • Tube Cutting/Notching
    • Tube Bending
    • Powdercoating

    Engineering/Design Services

    • Engineering
    • Prototyping
    • 3D Printed Samples
    • Designing
    • Custom Prototypes

    Warehouse/Packaging Services

    • Warehousing/Storage
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Freight Shipping
    • Exporting
    • Hardware Kitting
    • Packaging

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