mold related problems


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I discover I have mold in my apartment and I am having trouble with breathing and I have this bad cold which I had from Dec. Is this cause from the mold?


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Mold is only form in a wet place or thing. Main mold related problems are Allergic Illness, Infection, Asthma and may cause other diseases. One simple way of removing is the use of 'vinegar', which is capable of killing mold species. It is Eco-friendly also and hence, does not cause any harm. Use white distilled vinegar, which is very cheap, spray vinegar on mold and leave it for sometime. Then wipe the area with water and then allow it to dry.

mold damage repair great neck


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Simply mix two part water or three parts vinegar, pour into a spray bottle, shake well, squirt on the unsuspecting mold, and clean away after an hour or so.