Need Laser Cutting for "Plastic" Twin Cities Area

Discussion in 'Midwestern United States' started by, May 31, 2009.

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    We are a 9 yr old online business in need of laser cutting service in twin cities to cut several different designs in 1/8" thick acrylic grills, 80mm, 92mm - 120mm diameter. We supply design files and material.

    PM me
  2. Laser Quality co

    One question for you. What is the size of your grills?
    send your files to for the quote
  3. Quick turn grills

    Please send files to, post on the foreum or you can FTP via skype to ExactBuilt. We stock 1/8" clear acrylic and have access to any color and size you need for quick turn if needed and great service.
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    Looking for local outfit only, as stated in the thread title, but will write down your contact info

    @ laser Quality, I stated sizes in the post

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