Pennsylvania Based Aerospace And High Precision Machine Shop With Open Capacity

Kenneth Johnson

New Member
Hello, we are a Pennsylvania based High precision machine shop. We specialize in high tolerance parts that are checked in a variety of ways such as zeiss cnc cmms, smart scope optical systems, and the standard measurement methods.

Our capabilities include:
- A multitude of swiss machines up to 12 axis with full programmable B and high pressure systems.
- High speed 5 axis, vertical, and horizontal mills
- Live tooling lathe machines with up to 10 inch chucking capabilities
- 4 axis grinding systems
- Cobalt laser marking with rotary axis
- Wire, sinker, and rotary hole popper edm machines

Certifications include:
-ISO 9001
-ISO 13485
-AS 9100
- FDA registration
- ITAR registration
- JCP approval

To get in touch with us please call Windsor beach at (814)-474-4900 or email Bob Macyko at

Site link: