RFQ to skim and polish copper commutators


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I have 2 new commutators that need to be skimmed and polished. These are Onan 203-0125 Commutators. Old stock but never used. The copper bars are still flat.
Diameter 5 1/4"
Thickness 1 7/8"
Center Hole 1" Dia with keyway
Weight 7.2 lbs
Material: Copper bars, steel center
Needed by Sept 2021 or earlier if possible.



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Just the outside diameter. And just the solid part of the copper bars. There is a small slotted area at the top of each bar that doesn't need to be skimmed.


A bit of advice. You probably should just take them to a local electric motor repair shop, they do that work all the time and are experts at it. Copper is soft and abrasive, someone not familiar working with it could make a mess of your parts.


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Thank you OceanState. I will email you. The RFQ is still open. And I did check out a local repair shop but they seem pretty busy and no quote from them yet.


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I have selected Ocean State Iron Works to do this work. This RFQ is now closed.
Many thanks to this website and its members for the help in finding someone to do it.