Quick Quote Needed Small Aluminum Prototype Needed - (2) 5 Part Assemblies

Discussion in 'Manual Machine Work' started by Jesse Gruber, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. I am looking for someone to produce 2 prototypes that match the following prints. Some of the tolerances are pretty tight but can be adjusted as needed based on machining capabilities. I am looking for someone who can turn this around in about 1 week. The prints call for black anodized but I can accept polished instead if this capability is unavailable.

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  2. Hello Jesse
    quotation sent ,please check

    Best regards ,
    sales manager Supeng Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
    skype: andy.xie88
  3. kink

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    Where's the kief screen? lol
  4. rthomas0309

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    We are very interested in quoting this job, please send drawing and information to Richard Thomas at richpt58@gmail.com
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