Request For Quote- small parts qty 50 - 100

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boris pavlov

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need approximately 300 pcs yearly.
preferred material will be provided - Hastelloy C276
alternative material SS 316


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We can quote this job for you please send me a email to and I will reply back to you with my quotation. I am assuming by your post that you will provide the material for the job out of Hastelloy C276 or 316 SS. We would need 1.5" per part to allow for cut off and enough material for 5 extra parts.
Alan Giddens
Viper Precision

We do have stock for SS 316 of that size. Do you have to supply the material?
What is your lead time
We can get Quote for you very quickly if you answer the question from above.
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I am Jon a programmer at Precision Turning Specialties in Tennessee. We are a high precision swiss shop. Your tolerances are normal for us. We have some expierience with super alloys. Elgiloy and Inconel mostly. I believe Hastelloy is similar. Please contact Hans at Precision Turning for a quote.

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p.s. I went ahead and forwarded your print to Hans, If you contact him tomorrow he will probably have a quote ready for you.
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We have a CNC shop with capabilities of small and large work plus a waterjet. We are a high precision shop who is ISO 9001 certified. We will be happy quote you on the following Item made out of 316 SS. We are also a manufacturer of cables for the oil, gas and many other industries.

Thank you
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