STAY AWAY FROM "Wright Technical" - Chicago area


Three weeks (!) after these "machinists" said that they shipped our parts, we still have not received photos of the parts, or shipment tracking information, or the parts themselves. NOTHING.

Even worse, we sent them $500 worth of perfectly machined parts that were to be mated with the parts they were supposed to produce.


We mentioned we would be leaving a review to warn others of their sham of an operation, and they threatened legal action, equating a negative review with slander. Astonishing.

I have had way better experiences even with shoddy Chinese manufacturers who ignore tolerance notations and who can respond to emails only in broken English. At least they actually deliver parts...

This was the absolute worst experience I have had to date with a machinist on the forum. I hope that in writing this, I can save someone else from the nightmare that is "Wright Technical Services".

For the record, this is them:
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Follow up:

After emailing them daily for several weeks, we have finally received parts.

To be perfectly clear, three weeks after Wright Tech Svcs repeatedly stated over email that they had *shipped* our parts, they asked me for my shipping address. How dishonest can you get?

10% of parts produced were defective.