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  1. Please PM me with your e-mail and shop information, I can e-mail over the IGS file.

    This is for an automotive part, we need to create a mould by having the console profile CNC'd into the tooling board so we can pull a part from it to verify the drawing is accurate enough prior to actually creating a full 6-up mould.

    It is pretty self-explanatory once you see the IGS file. Thanks for looking, our timeframe is to do this immediately.
  2. 24" length x 5" height at the highest points...
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    Before you give your money to Mark Mold, PM me and I'll tell you how he stole $5500 from me and never delivered.
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    Not only is this guy a thief but a liar as well. Never went to arbritration. He actually fradulently charged our company's debit card and never delivered the mold or product. Do yourself a favor and stay away. You can PM me to verify the truth of the matter.

    Oh, and ****face, sue away. Truth is the absolute defense. No fear here, as I still have all the correspondance and recordings of our phone conversations. We've never taken the time to sue you, as our "flop" keeps us rather busy. But I certainly wouldn't mindcountersuing if it came to that.

    Of course, if you want to return the money I can let you try and bilk the next sucker in peace. Otherwise, I'll just keep turning up like a bad penny.
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    We would be happy to quote this job for you. Please send files to We are a full service mold making shop located in Grand Rapids, MI. Feel free to take a look at our website. We have many satisfied customers ranging from very small companies to very large. We also have expierence in shipping across the Canada/U.S border. I am a Canadian citizen.

    Look forward to hearing from you!

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