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Discussion in 'EDM' started by yoshi900, Oct 19, 2009.

  1. I have two different parts (qty 3 of each) that need to be cut into eight pcs radially. (see attached drawing) Material is A2. To make holding the part easier, it would be okay to cut outward to almost to the edge and leaving a bit of material intact. Then after edm, "break" the part into 8 pcs and just buff smooth the edge.

    The 22.5deg in the drawing is not critical. Plus or minus 3-4 deg is okay.

    The part will be heat treated after cutting, if you have heat treating oven, pls quote also.

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  2. WDWRD68

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    Hello Yoshi,

    I sent you a PM. I am interested in wiring these parts for you.
    My shop is located in Lake Forest and I live in Chino and can stop by in the morning and discuss the job in question. Call me back and we can go over the details.
  3. superd

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    Hello , Yoshi..
    I'm located in Woodstock, Il. and would be interested in quoting this after a quick discussion of the details..
    Thanks, Mark 815-353-8572 anytime.

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