1/2" 6061 plate drops for sale

Discussion in 'Aluminum' started by jerzfabguy, Oct 3, 2015.

  1. jerzfabguy

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    we typically end up with 100-200 roundish drops of 1/2" 6061 plate every 2 weeks or so. We make a part in 100-200 count quantities every 2 weeks which yileds a drop about 12.5" in diameter. there are (2) 5/16" holes on a 2" CL in the center of the plate. thats what we use to hold them down with in our fixture. we try and use as many of these drops as possible but we still end up with too many... so, scrap price is about $3 per plate and new price would be about $19. so, we will sell them for $10 per plate plus shipping. i believe they will fit in a flat rate usps box which may be the most economical way to ship a handful of them? feel free to email us or call. thanks.

    joeyb@theindycartel.com or 317-286-3251

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  2. snocat_trf

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    I might be interested in some... would work good for making small fixtures
  3. jerzfabguy

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    well shoot us an email or give us a call and well ship some out to you. like i said in the post... we typically end up with 100+ each week. joeyb@theindycartel.com or 317-286-3251

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