2 1/4" 1045 CRR Drops $0.20 per #

Discussion in 'Scraps' started by millman52, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. millman52

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    Have many 2 1/4" 1045 CRR drops most are in the 28"-30" range in length. few longer lengths available. Current 20' bar length price per # is $0.76

    Drops are in new condition, no rust. Have an estimated 2500# -3500# available.

    Will crate for shipping for free on a purchase of 1/2 of this material or more.

    Will load on your truck for free at our location.
  2. What is your exact location? Thanks
  3. Also do you know what the weight per ft is? Thanks
  4. millman52

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    About 13.5# per ft. They weigh about 32-34# per drop.

    Sent a PM..
  5. millman52

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    How much of this stock are you interested in?
  6. mccolld

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    Where are you located?
  7. millman52

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    Central WV. Near the town of Clay. About 50 min. drive north east of Charleston

    Knoxville TN is about 8-9 hour drive from my location.

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