Request For Quote- 2.8515 Linear Path WEDM Path 8 IN Thick 4140 Rod

Discussion in 'EDM' started by ZelusManufacturing, Sep 13, 2016.

  1. 1) 4140 HT SR
    2) Material is supplied
    3) Initial batch of 10
    4) Drawing
    5) RFQ Open Sept 13-27
    6) After contract - delivery within 2 weeks
    8) Email if you have questions about the quote
    9) Surface finish can be approximated
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  2. Our WEDM room currently has open capacity. If you could send the component .pdf and .dxf files for my engineer team to review we would welcome an opportunity to provide costing for your team to review. You can submit the rendering to , and you can find examples of our capabilities at

    Thank you
  3. mort

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    pm sent
  4. Still taking quotes for another 11 days. So far, several responses with a HUGE price variation.
  5. Scott Deason

    Scott Deason
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    Is this quote still open? I can put in a quote, or quote anything else you may have, Im with Pivot Precision, a precision machining company that's been in business for over 55 yrs and provides close tolerance, highly polished, machined parts, components, punches, and dies, as well as heat treating. We have Swiss and multi-axis lathes and milling machines, between center, centerless, surface, jig, and form grinding, wire and conventional CNC Sinker EDM's, and heat treating and hard turn, thank you.

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